ANX Gallery

I have had been given the honor of co-curating the ANX Gallery space with, the one and only, Emily Wobb at Art Design Portland, a local makerspace. Curating has always been a passion of mine, to be able to fill a room with art, to give folks a platform to talk about their work and their point of view, and to bring people together. Thank you ADX for this opportunity. 


Here is our mission:

ANX Gallery provides Portland with an exhibition space that shows a variety of media, artworks and functional objects. Alternating monthly member-maker shows, group and solo exhibitions provide a spectrum of form, function and utility. A goal of this curatorial project is to provide exposure to local makers, fine artists, and those who bridge the two. Additionally, we aim to offer people from underrepresented communities — women, people of color, LGBTQ and other minorities — a stage to display their talents and wares.