ANX Gallery - A Year in Review

I cannot believe it has been over a year with the ANX Gallery. We recently closed our doors last month, finishing strong with a solo exhibition by FORM + ADX AIR recipient, Lisa Radon. As well as an incredible show that we hosted in May featuring the eight artists of this year's PDX Prequel program. 

It was an incredible opportunity to be able to do this project at ADX, a local Makerspace in Portland, OR. They allowed us to utilize this beautiful and naturally lit space for our project. Over the course of 14 months, we were able to host 13 shows and featured over 100 artists. Thank you to all that made this project possible, especially the gallery team. 

Below: First day of the ANX Gallery & last day of the ANX Gallery.

The ANX Gallery was a a project of ADX, a Portland Makerspace, that ran from March 2017 through June 2018. The ANX Gallery worked to give Portland with an exhibition space that shows a variety of media, artworks and functional objects. Alternating monthly member-maker shows, group and solo exhibitions provide a spectrum of form, function and utility. The goal of this curatorial project was to provide exposure to local makers, fine artists, and those who bridge the two. Additionally, we aimed to offer people from underrepresented communities — women, people of color, LGBTQ and other minorities — a stage to display their talents and wares. 

Gallery Team

Founder and Curator: Sami Lee Woolhiser

Founder and Curator: Emily Wobb

Gallery Manager: Jenna Lechner

Gallery Steward: Ray Nagler


May 2017 - "A Weather Walks in" - Works by Charlie Haughey 

June 2017 - "Gallery of Makers" - Works by ADX Members, Staff and Alumni

July 2017 - "Fabrique" - Featuring 20 Women Makers - "We Make More than Just Babies."

August 2017 - "Beauty in Fragility" - Works by Maya Vivas

September 2017 - "Fall Gallery of Makers" - Exhibition of ADX Members, Staff and Alumni 

October 2017 - "22 Floors" - New works by Emily Wobb

November - December 2017 - Toy Show - An exhibition of handmade toys by Portland artists.

January 2018 - "Ever The Optimist" - New works by Sami Lee Woolhiser

February 2018 - "Ink and Press" - Printmaking and Books show featuring over 30 Portland artists

March 2018 - "Spring Gallery of Makers" - Exhibition of ADX Members, Staff and Alumni 

April 2018 - Design collaboration with Walcom

May 2018 - 2018 Prequel Program - "i'm glad i came" - A group exhibition with Ali Balter, Winnie Black, Marcelo Fontana, Emily Wise, Kevin Holden, Alan Page, Pace Taylor, Maya Vivas

June 2018 - R&D by Lisa Radon - Recipient of AIR Program hosted by FORM and ADX